Jessi's Flaming Fruit Sauce Original 'Everything' Sauce - FULL 12 oz size!

$ 9.50

Our Original 'Everything' Sauce is full on spicy, savory and a little sweet.  It is a fantastic condiment to put on burgers, eggs, tacos, pulled pork or chicken, steaks and more.  It makes an amazing wing sauce.  Use it to marinate chicken, steaks, ribs or kabobs.  This sauce is where it all started.

** A note on SHIPPING charges.  We use Flat Rate shipping boxes.  So, the shipping rate will be the same for up to 5 full sized bottles of sauce ($6.50).  For 6 to 12 bottles, shipping fee is cut ($5).  For more than 12 bottles, shipping is FREE in the United States.** 

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